8/13/18 - My story "Kerosene" was published by Red Fez.

11/8/17 - My story
"Megastar" was published by 500 Miles Magazine this week.

8/1/17 - My story "The Magic Carpet", a modern fable mash-up, is up on
Pif Magazine today.

4/18/16 - My short story "
A Bike in the Woods" was published in Red Shoes Review.

1/18/15 - Book review in
Independent Publisher.

9/16/14 - Interview with
Publishers Weekly.

7/20/14 - Book review in
Portland Book Review.

7/1/14 - Book review in
San Francisco Book Review.

5/28/14 - Book review in
Publishers Weekly.

4/15/14 - Literature and tattoos both require ink. Read a
tattoo story on The Next Best Book Blog.